What does tudo ben mean?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What does tudo ben mean?
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What does amiga e sua familia tudo ben com eles mean?

Everything is fine with your friend and her family.All is running nicely with your friend and her parents, relatives, family.

What is a bem?

bem is a word in portugise which mean "good" when one asks you :"tudo bem?" it means : all good? you can say: tudo , tudo bom , legal , beleza

What does 'tudo' mean in Spanish?

"Tudo" is a Portuguese word that means "everything" in English. In Spanish, "todo" is the equivalent word for "everything."

What does tudo bom mean in Portuguese?

Tudo bom, or "Tudo bem" means "All right"? Is all well ? Everything is fine with you ? All is running nicely to you ?

olá tudo bom?

tudo kkkk

How do you say everything will be fine in portuguese?

Tudo estará bem. Tudo estará ótimo. Tudo estará bacana(slang) Tudo estará legal (slang)

When was Tudo Azul created?

Tudo Azul was created in 1999-04.

Tudo e ai optimo?

isso mesmo, tudo ótimo

How do you say it's ok in Portuguese?

Tudo bem, tudo certo, vai em frente, tudo está ótimo, beleza, tá certo....

How do you say how are you informally in portuguese?

1) Oi ! Tudo bem ? 2) Olá ! Como vai ? 3) Oba, tudo legal ? 4) Beleza cara ? 5) Opa, tudo nos conforme ? 6) Tá tudo legal contigo ? 7) E aí cara, tudo beleza ? 8)Como está passando ? 9)E a vida como vai, tudo bem ? 10) E então, tudo jóia ?

When was International Vale Tudo Championship created?

International Vale Tudo Championship was created in 1997.

Ola tudo bem?

Ola, tudo bem? is a Portuguese question that translates to 'hello, how are you?' in English.