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The Sclera in the Human Eye is the white, tough wall of the eye. Few diseases affect this layer. It is covered by the Episclera.

* * The Sclera is the membrane behind the Retina * *

It protects the eye from diseases and helps keep our eye healthy.

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Q: What does the sclera in the human eye do?
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What is the outermost membrane of human eye?


What is the name of the tough outer covering of the eye?

The fibrous tunic is the outermost layer of the human eye. In specific areas are the sclera, or "white of the eye", and the cornea which is continuous of the sclera.

The white part of the eye is called?

The white of the eye is called the Sclera.

What is the transparent outermost part of the eye?

The ocular structures most resistant to direct injury are the cornea (the clear front of the eye) and the sclera (the white part of the shell around the eye). The cornea and the sclera are contiguous.

The dense fibrous connective tissue of eye called?

If you are working the April 12 NYT crossword puzzle, I believe the answer is sclera

The part of the eye is also known as the white of the eye?

The sclera is commonly called the whites of the eye.

How many layers does the wall of the eyes have?

The human eye is made up of three layers. These are the outer layer, the middle layer and the inner layer.

What is the other name for sclera?

The sclera is part of the eye and is better known as the white part of the eye. The iris is the colored part of the eye. The sclera is actually a membrane that covers the outside of the eye.

What is the tough white coating of the eye?

The tough white coating of the eye is called the sclera. It is a dense, fibrous tissue that helps to maintain the shape of the eye and provides attachment points for the eye muscles.

What are some pros about the human scleara?

The sclera, which is the white of your eye, has neither pros nor cons. It just is.

Outer protective layer of the eye is the?

The sclera is the fibrous outer layer of the eye which retains the overall shape of the eye. This is commonly known as the white of the eye.

What is the outermost of the eye?