What does the kiddney do?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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A kiddney fillters your blood cells by taking the bad blood cells and refilling them to go and help with where you are running out of them.

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Q: What does the kiddney do?
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When salts and other wastes collect in the kiddney what forms?

kidney stones

Can kiddney damage be repaired?

No you'll probably die a slow, long death.

What are the causes of vhl?

VHL causes tumors in the organs. im 13 years old and me and my mom have i t my mom has had surgey for because it was in her kiddney.

Can frequent urination mean your pregnant?

It depends on how frequent,like if every five to ten minutes you have to urinate then it is probably a bladder infection or kiddney/gaul stones.

Can you live with one kiddney?

Yes, there are two kidneys for backup and so that there is not too much strain on one, but you can live with only one. There are many people who donate their kidney for transplants and successfully live a full life with one.

Which film stars did howard hughes court?

After the XF crash howard robard hughes jr was a medical sometimes bed ridden nearly dead hidden billionare war contractor.He lost his health,his lungs were damaged thus the buick with the trunk air compressor.He had to get his blood filtered weekly,his kiddney was failing.he lost his fingers and toes in the fire of the XF.His face was cut to bits and he carried a box with needles which he given injections with and he drained some organs with those needles also

Which term means a stone located anywhere along the ureter?

RetroperitonealThey are retroperitoneal organs located in the left and right flank regions of the posterior chest wall, just inferior to the costodiaphragm.retroperitonealThe kidneys are retroperitoneal in location and variably protected by the ribcage. The left is generally higher and more protected than the right, which lies lower due to the presence of the liver, and the caudal portion of the R kidney may not be completely protected.retroperitoncal