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it means to be having a good day and to feel great.

i cant seem to find the origin anyyywhere for my project but i suppose ill just have to say something like the origin is the song by Fears for Tears. :)

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Q: What does the idiom walking on sunshine mean?
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Walking on air: to be exuberantly happy, excited, and joyful

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Walking on Sunshine - Rockers Revenge song - was created in 1982.

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Someone getting their walking papers is just like getting "the pink slip". It means he or she has received his/her notice of termination (the "walking papers" or "pink slip") and is no longer of the company.The idiom of "getting walking papers" has been extended beyond the workplace and into other social situations: in which case it generally means the recipient is being told to get lost and don't come back. For example, a girlfriend dumping a cheating boyfriend can be said to be "giving him his walking papers".

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