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i'm guessing it means my world

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Q: What does the french word jeu parti mean?
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What does jeu mean in french?

jeu is the French word for game

How do you say word game in french?

Jeu de lettres

What does kel jeu mean in french?

quel jeu generally would be an exclamation: what a game or in context as in quel jeu joue-t-elle? what game is she playing

How do you say play-date in french?

There is no exact word for it but a French phrase could be "temps de jeu" (play time) or "rendez-vous de jeu" (which sort of rhymes).

What is the word games translated in to french?

a game is 'un jeu' (masc.) in French. Games are 'des jeux'.

What is the definition of the word jeu?

Jeu is a French word meaning "game" or "set". It's used often in the game of tennis but can also be used to refer to games such as Monopoly or Twister.

What is the French phrase 'invitation du jeu' in English?

"Invitation of the game" is an English equivalent of the French phrase "invitation du jeu."Specifically, the word "du" combines the preposition "de" and the masculine singular definite article "il" to mean "of the, from the." The masculine noun "jeu" means "game."The pronunciation is "eh-vee-tah-syoh dyoo zheuh."

What is the French word that means game of the palm?

le jeu de paume (the ancestor of tennis)

What is the french to English translation of ce jeu?

"ce jeu" -- "this game" or "that game"

From what two languages does the word jeopardy come?

The word is taken from the 13th Century Anglo French - jeu parti, meaning a divided game. It became 'ioparde', changing into its modern form over time. There is also a suggestion that iit derived from the Latin 'jocus' a jest, plus 'partir' meaning to divide', suggesting a stratogem with a sense of danger.

How do you say game on in french?

'game on' in french is 'jeu sur'

How do you say the game in french?

le jeu