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it includes the moon

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Q: What does the external energy cycle include?
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What are the external forces that acts on the rocks in the rock cycle?

External forces would include gravity, pressure, heat, weather, and plate tectonics.

Is electromagnet potential energy?

Electromagnetic energy is just a different form of energy. So electromagnetic energy might include potential energy. It might refer to the energy of radiation, which isn't potential energy. see external link

Does earth have radioactive internal energy and external energy?

Earth has internal energy due to radioactivity. I am not sure what you mean by radioactive external energy, or simply by external energy. Earth gets most of its energy from the Sun.

Is external reproduction the same as a life cycle?


Where does the energy cycle comes from?

Sun is the source of energy. Energy cycle comes from it.

What is the energy source that drives the watre cycle?

The energy source behind the water cycle is solar energy. It is the only energy which initiates water cycle.

What is the external energy of the earth?

solar energy

What is the external processes of rock cycle?

The external processes are in charge for transforming solid rock into sediment.

What is the source of energy the carbon cycle?

Solar energy is the source of energy behind the carbon cycle.

What does energy that powers the water cycle comes from?

The energy that drives the water cycle is from the Sun.

Is there energy if no external motion or action is deserved?

I added "external" to the question

In the cell cycle external regulators direct cells to?

speed up or slow down the Cell Cycle