What does the chores in fly like a g6 mean?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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g6 is a fast plane that flies at mach 1

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Q: What does the chores in fly like a g6 mean?
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What do they mean feeling so fly like a g6 in the song like a g6?

g6 is a jet. feelin so 'FLY' like a G6

What does fly like a g6 mean?

G6 is a type of plane. So being fly like G6 is kind of good thing, since it's a pretty slick plane.

What does like a G6 mean?

A G6 is a new style of jet that rich, fancy people use. "fly like a g6" is a double entendre, one meaning being that a G6 literally flies and the other meaning "fly" as in "cool"

Is a g6 a car or plane?

its a plane. like the song called G6, " Fly like a G6

What is feeling like a G6?

Feeling like a G6 is feeling "fly". It is used in such songs as "Like a G6". A G6 is a very fast and small airplane. Kind of like a jet. That is why people use the term "I'm feeling so fly like a G6".

What does like a cheese stick mean?

I am pretty sure you are referring to like a G6 like in the song. The song is referring to the plane the g6 and it says "I'm feeling fly like a g6" meaning you feel cool. hope that clears things up.

Who is the girl from fly like a g6?


What is a g6 as in like a g6?

I don't know what you mean by - as in like a G6, but a G6 is an aeroplane or a car of some sort (:

Is karina fly like a g6?

Yes, yes she is.

What does feeling so fly like a g6 mean?

OK, "feeling so fly" means you think that your cooler than others in the place you are at the moment , can also mean everyone sucks except form you. True and also a G6 is a business class private plane

Who did the music for Fly Like a G6?

Far East Movement

What is g6?

A G6 is a an airplane or jet so I guess now we know what it means so now im felling so FLY like a G6