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Q: What does the average person do 6 times a day?
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How many times does the average person wash their hands a day?

The average person washes their hands about 6-10 times a day. However, this can vary depending on individual habits and circumstances.

How many times does the average person go to the bathroom in a day?

4 to 5 times ah day

How many times does a person yawn in a life time?

Well, a healthy person usually yawns about 4-6 times a day on average. So 5*365=1,825 times a year. Average person lives about 80 years so, I would estimate the average person yawns 146,000 times in a lifetime.

What is the average number of times a male goes to toilet per day?

6 timers per day is the average.

How many times a day does the average person pee?

well, everyone i know (inclluding me) pees about 2 times a day ;once in the morning when they wake up and once just before they go to bed-That's a dehydrated person (2 times a day...) a healthy fully-hydrated person goes 2 times a day, that's for teens and adults. :P

If a person is trying to lose weight is it better to eat once a day or 3 times a day or 6 times a day?

3 times a day but not to much or to little

How much would the average person weigh on the moon?

An average person would weigh 6 times less than their actual weight.

How many hours of television does the average American citizen watch per day?

The average child warches 6 hours of television a day, the average person watches 3-5

How often does a person daydream?

6 times a day A person daydreams most when they are alone,bored, or relaxing. Or have nothing to do.

How much urine can be voided at one time?

The average person will pee 6 to 8 ounces at one time. However if you only pee 4 ounces or pee 12 ounces, that is still normal.

How much or how often does the average person get distracted?

The average person gets distracted 6 to 10 times every minute. This means you are distracted at least once every ten seconds

What time does the average person wake up?

The average person wakes up around 6-7am. However, wake-up times can vary significantly depending on individual schedules and preferences.