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it granted womwn the right to vote-apex

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It is the amendment that guarantees that women have the right to vote. Prior to this amendment (1920) women did not vote, as incomprehensible as that seems to us today. So the answer is that it's just a way to say that WOMEN SHOULD VOTE!
That after many years of protests Women were finally allowed to Vote.

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It was to end women's suffrage and helped give women the right to vote.

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Q: What does the Nineteenth Amendment mean?
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Which amendment established prohibition?

Nineteenth amendment

When did Nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland happen?

Nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland happened in 1999.

What amendment provides for womens' suffrage?

Nineteenth amendment

Which constitutional amendment expanded the definition of citizenship to include women's right to vote?

the twenty sixth amendment - apex

What did the Nineteenth Amendment say?

Basically it States that women get the same rights as men do.

Which amendments gave women the right to vote and what year was it passed?

The Nineteenth Amendment grants women the right to vote. The Nineteenth Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920.

How did all women in US Finally secure The right to vote?

Novanet The Nineteenth Amendment

What group The nineteenth Amendment permitted to vote for the first time?

The Nineteenth Amendment permitted which of the following groups to vote for the first time?

What rights were established by the sixteenth amendment and the nineteenth amendment?

Debt consildation

When was the nineteenth amendment created?

The 19th amendment was ratified in August, 1920.

What type of noun is The Nineteenth Amendment?

The term 'The Nineteenth Amendment' is a propernoun, the title (name) of an official document added to the US Constitution in 1920.

The nineteenth amendment passed in what year?