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gold filled

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Q: What does the GF mean when a ring has 18 KT GF?
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What does 3 xxx in a gold ring mean?

It means that is it 18 kt gold. XXX = .750 or 18 kt. Hope that helps.

What does a symbol of a diamond stamped inside a ring along with 18 KT G E mean?

18KT Gold Electroplate. The rings base metal is electroplated with 18 kt gold.

What does Ev 18 mean on C kt ring?

what does ev1 stamped on the inside of a marquise cut 14 carat gold diamond ring?

What does 18 kt Gersc mean on a ring?

The GE usually stands for Gold Electroplate, the rest is the initials of the designer.

What is a 18 Kt GE ring worth?

1 dollar

What do the symbol 18 kt ge and masonic symbol in a ring meaning?

{| |- | 18 Kt would indicate that the ring was made of 18 karat gold. The other symbol is most likely a hallmark. That would indicate who made the ring and can give clues as to how old it is. |}

What does ODI mean on a 14 kt ring?

ODI Is the logo of the company who made the ring.

Large opal 18 kt ring with HGEA do you know what this is?

Usually, the HGE means "heavy gold electroplate". The A could stand for "applied". This would mean that the ring is not solid gold.

What does 18 kt HGF on a ring mean?

Hi, it means HEAVY GOLD FILLED, just a posh name for gold plated. hope that helps.

What does 14kt mean on a ring?

Karot (kt) is a measure of the density of gold

What does 18 kt gold over sterling silver mean?

Example for a Ring. The Base -the bulk- of the ring will be made of silver and has then been coated with 18kt gold (24kt being 'pure' gold).

What does JC 750 L mean in 18 kt gold ring?

I have another one white go,d wirh diamonds ans inside the same inscription: JC 750