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6' = 6 feet

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Q: What does the ' symbol after a number mean?
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What does the number on top of the symbol mean in the periodic table?

It is the Atomic Number.

What does the symbol inside an elements square mean?

The symbol of an element is an abbreviation for the element's name, and it is derived either from the English or the Latin name. For example: Bromine's symbol is Br. The symbol inside an element's square is the element's atomic number, or the number of protons and neutrons in the element.

What does the number inthe talk symbol in mochigames mean?

Your gaming level.

What does a cross and a bird together mean?

In Christianity the cross is a symbol for Jesus and the dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit.

What is the symbol for a square in math?

I will assume that you mean " to the power of two ". A symbol for any n-power is to put the number (n) on the side, above the number. Like this: nn.

What does the symbol M14K mean on a yellow gold ring?

it means the kilate number

What is the symbol number?

The symbol for number is #

What does the less than or equal to symbol mean?

It means that the number or expression on the left of the symbol is less that the value or expression to the right, or that they are equal.

What is the symbol for any number?

When a symbol is used for a number it could be any symbol at all. It could be a letter from the Roman or Greek alphabet, upper case or lower case. It could also be any random symbol that you like provided that it is not a "reserved" symbol. By that I mean you cannot use "+" as a symbol since that might be very confusing!

What element is not bonded in nature?

Synthetic ElementsQuasi-synthetic elements:Technetium, atomic number 43Promethium, atomic number 61Astatine, atomic number 85Francium, atomic number 87Neptunium, atomic number 93Plutonium, atomic number 94Transuranium elementsAmericium symbol Am, atomic number 95Curium symbol Cm, atomic number 96Berkelium symbol Bk, atomic number 97Californium symbol Cf, atomic number 98Einsteinium symbol Es, atomic number 99Fermium symbol Fm, atomic number 100Mendelevium symbol Md, atomic number 101Nobelium symbol No, atomic number 102Lawrencium symbol Lr, atomic number 103Transactinide elements Rutherfordium symbol Rf, atomic number 104Dubnium symbol Db, atomic number 105Seaborgium symbol Sg, atomic number 106Bohrium symbol Bh, atomic number 107Hassium symbol Hs, atomic number 108Meitnerium symbol Mt, atomic number 109Darmstadtium symbol Ds, atomic number 110Roentgenium symbol Rg, atomic number 111Copernicium symbol Cn atomic number 112Provisional names of Recently observed synthetic elements:Ununtrium symbol Uut, atomic number 113Ununquadium symbol Uuq, atomic number 114Ununpentium symbol Uup, atomic number 115Ununhexium symbol Uuh, atomic number 116Ununseptium symbol Uus, atomic number 117.Ununoctium symbol Uuo, atomic number 118

What does the symbol you stand for on the periodic table?

If you mean 'U' that is Uranium. It has atomic number 92.

What does the spear symbol?

There are a number of things that the symbol of a spear may mean. In most cases, it is a symbols of power, protection and defense among others.