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The image that the object has. For example the character. 😃👾

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Q: What does sprite mean in game design?
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Where do you find sprites in Pokemon black?

If you mean ripped sprite sheets, then I would check up Spriters-resource. If you mean in game, then anything would be considered a sprite.

What is a token sprite?

A token sprite is some sort of design of a costume or look that a certain character has.

Where do you get a free easy sprite maker?

Great free utility for sprite and tile design .

How do you make a sprite shoot in game maker?

A sprite cannot contain code.

How do you enlarge a sprite in game maker?

in the sprite propertes click edit sprite. go to "Transform" at the top and click "Stretch"

How do you separate sprite tiles on game maker?

In the file menu of the sprite editor, click create from strip

Where is the red shine sprite?

in what game?

What does s mean in g-sprite?


What are the release dates for Sprite Step Off - 2010 Get in the Game 1-2?

Sprite Step Off - 2010 Get in the Game 1-2 was released on: USA: 7 February 2010

What are in sprite bomb fireworks?

Sprite bomb fireworks typically consist of a cardboard tube filled with a mixture of chemicals that create colorful sparks and small explosions when ignited. These chemicals often include metal powders like aluminum or magnesium for brightness, along with a fuel and an oxidizer to sustain combustion. The sparks create the visual effects seen in sprite bomb fireworks when they are launched into the air and explode.

How do you catch a sprite in Pokemon white?

Same way you do it in any other game

How do you make Pokemon egg sprite?

In the game, you can't. But if you want to do it on the computer, I have no clue.