What does servidor de todos mean?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What does servidor de todos mean?
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What has the author Ariel Beramendi written?

Ariel Beramendi has written: 'Coloquios con el cardenal Julio Terrazas, servidor de todos'

What does Su servidor mean?

it means: his/her servant

What does La Cruz de Todos mean in English?

The cross of all.

What does gracias de todos modos mean in English?

Thanks anyways.

What does munekita de todos juguetito de nadie mean in English?

Everyone's doll, nobody's toy

What does De todos modos que haces mean in Spanish?

Any way that you do.

Can you translate Quin es de todas into English?

"¿Quién es de todos?" would mean "Who is from all?"

When was La Fiesta de todos created?

La Fiesta de todos was created in 1979.

What does 'fuera de tierra de los sueños buenas noches a todos ' mean?

Off to dreamland, goodnight everyone

How do you say server in spanish?

servidores criados de mesa (waiters) acolitos bandejas (trays)

How does Munekita de todos juguetito de nadie translate into English?

Munekita De Todos-Everybodys babydoll juguetito De Nadie-Nobodys Lil Toy

What actors and actresses appeared in El servidor publico - 1990?

The cast of El servidor publico - 1990 includes: Luis de Alba Iliana de Castillo as Secretaria Sofia Maldonado Lucila Mariscal Alfredo Ortiz as El Ciclon Antonio Raxel Lilian Tapia as Maru