What does regularly mean?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What does regularly mean?
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What does proportion mean in engineering?

the same as it regularly means

Are people who go to church regularly better people?

No. It does mean they are regularly receiving the body and blood of Christ. It doesn't necessarily mean they are being like Christ in their community.

The enumeration in the Constitution mean?

Census, counting the population regularly

What does the word common mean in the preamble?

common meaning regularly regular

What does it mean comets are periodic?

If a comet is periodic, it means that it comes back regularly.

What word mean date someone regularly over a period of time?

Go ed

What does Kodi mean in Swahili?

Kodi means tax or rent: something that has to be paid regularly.

What does accurance mean?

You might rather mean "accrued" which means to earn something regularly as a benefit that can be used.

What does 'régulièrement' mean in French?

Régulièrement (adverb) means 'regularly' in English.

What does it mean when your crush breaths on you?

Either he is just regularly breathing or he is nervous and wants to kiss you. they are alive

What does 'reading habit' mean?

If I understand your question, you are talking about the process of reading itself. "He is in the habit of reading the daily newspaper" means that he regularly reads the newspaper. If you are in the habit of reading, it means that you read regularly.

Explain why is it important for corporations to publish their financial information regularly?

you go do a female dog if you know what i mean ;)