What does reem mean towie?

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Smell reem - smell good reem hair good hair

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Q: What does reem mean towie?
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What does 'reem' mean?

Reem is off the program The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). Reem means 'cool', 'awsome','fit', 'gorgeous' - words like that. It was used in a song and the main words were: Look reem, Smell reem, Be reem, Reem.

Who is reem mean?

reem means a good friend !!!!!!!!!

What does reem mean like you are reem?

reem is of the only way is Essex. It means like gorgeous or beautiful.

What does reem mean in Essex?

"Reem" is used to describe things that look good.

What does the Arabic name REEM mean?

REEM: pure white antelope also Reem means seaweed floating on the surface of the water.

Does Reem in Arabic mean Angel?

no it doesn't

Who is reem ayad?

aaron wellings is reem

When was Towie Barclay Castle created?

Towie Barclay Castle was created in 1593.

What does reem mean like example looking reem?

Well, my name is Reem, and it is a name for an Arabian kind of gazelle, or perhaps a deer in your language.Another answer:Hey guys. My name is Reem too. Reem does mean a deer, in fact, a baby deer. My father was really into Arabic poetry and stuff and there is this famous Arabic poem that describes the Andalus (Spain back in the day) as a deer and the metaphor means that it was growing very fast (technology wise) and it was such a beautiful country.Another answer:In slang I think you will find it means 'gorgeous.' For instance, "Look at her! She is so Reem."

What does the term Towie refer to?

Towie refers to the TV show The Only Way is Essex.

What is towie about?

Towie is about josh and ellies love life because he looks like diags

When was Reem Bassiouney born?

Reem Bassiouney was born in 1973.

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