What does raro means in Spanish?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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"Raro" means weird, or strange. Think of it as the English "rare"

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Q: What does raro means in Spanish?
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What does the Spanish word rara mean in Spanish?

rara for female - means weird raro for male - means weird

What does rara mean in spanish?

Rara means weird for a girl. Raro means weird for a boy.

How do you say surreal in spanish?

Raro (it means strange or weird, not rare ;))

What is rare in Spanish?


What is the spanish word for weird?


How do you say in spanish you are weird?

(Tu) eres raro/a. (Informal) (Usted) es raro/a. (Formal)

What does sabez ke tu espanol ez raro para mi?

It means, "Know what? Your Spanish is kinda hokey to me."

How do you say weird in Spanish?

You can say it "raro" or "extraño."

How do you say this is weird in Spanish?

Esto es raro/extraño.

How do you say is weird in spanish?

Es muy raro. Extraño

How do you say rare in spanish?

Rare can be raro or rara in spanish depending on if it referring to a male or female noun. Ex. la rara raza el raro pelo

How do you say you are a weird brother in Spanish?

Eres un hermano raro.