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Physical health is when your body is running as its meant to function. All factors including diet and exercising and your ability to fight viruses etc contribute to your physical health.

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Q: What does physical health include?
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What are the dimensions of health?

There are seven dimensions of health. These dimensions include occupational health, emotional health, spiritual health, intellectual or mental health, social health, environmental health, as well as physical health.

What is physical health and hygiene?

Physical health and hygiene describe how a human body looks, functions, and even smells. Good physical health and good hygiene include eating right, staying healthy, exercising, and good grooming.

What are the different parameters that comprise each fitness components?

The fitness components are health, skill and physiological. Health components include overall health and well being. Skill components involve how well students perform physical activities. Physiological components include the benefits of physical activity.

How do you know if a person loves you'?

If you feel they truly care about you they have love for you. Your health and well being, this can include your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health.

What are the physical agents in the mining and quarrying industry?

The physical agents in the mining and quarrying industry include the guidelines to the health, safety and welfare at work.

What are the 3 aspect of health?

The three main aspects of health are physical health, mental health, and social health. The broad category of health can also include emotional and spiritual health, but those first three are the main divisions.

Names of magazines with physical Fitness articles?

There are many magazines with general health and physical articles some include, Alive Magazine ,Complete Well-being, Easy Health & Living, Health & Fitness Sports Magazine and Health & Happiness Magazine to mane a few.

What are the public health concerns?

There are many public health concerns. Some of these include physical activity and nutrition, tobacco, HIV/AIDS, environmental quality, and mental health issues.

Which of the core leader competencies include maintaining your mental and physical health and well being?

Prepares self

Physical health problems experienced by victims of trafficking in persons can include?

Broken bones and Respiratory Problems

What are not physical health benefits of physical health?


What is health composed of?

physical health social health mental and emotional health