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Q: What does p1 symbol mean on a 14k bulova watch?
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What 14k gold on the back of watch mean?

It is most likely that this means that the watch is made of or contains 14k gold.

On a Geneva watch what does 14k GE3676 mean?

gold electroplate

Academy Awards ladies Bulova Watch 1950's?

In 1949 Bulova began a 4 year contract as the supporter of the televised Academy Awards. To commemorate this relationship the began production of the Academy Award watch. The relationship only lasted 1 year and the Academy sued Bulova and forced them to stop production of the watch using such terms as "Academy Awards", "award winning design". By 1952 production had ceased. Many sellers will try and pass of a simple period bulova as an original "Academy Award Watch". Be careful as they may have located a case and just put a period watch in the box. The originals are 21J, 14K gold and have a distinctive ribbed design on the face. The case should be marke L0, L1 or L2 only. Hope this helps.

What does warranted 14k mean stamped on a pocket watch?

warranted 14k means that there is a heavy plating of 14k gold guaranteed to last a certain number of years without showing any wear.

How much does a 14k gold pocket watch weigh?

so if my 14k pocket watch has 24 grams of gold what is the gold value?

What does EG 14k mean?

What does EG 14k mean

What does 14k rvl mean on your necklace clasp?

what does rvl 14k mean

What does 14k PJM mean stamped on ring?

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What does 14k dn mean on your ring?

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What does stamp of F1 14K mean?

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What does 14k ol mean?

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What is the value of a 14K gold geneve watch?