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length of penis and brain development i think :)

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Q: What does nitrous oxide Effect in your body?
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What effect of nitrous oxide in cars?

Nitrous oxide causes more of the fuel to burn, resulting in more power.

Is nitrous oxide a gas that makes up air?

There are small amounts of nitrous oxide in air but it is not a major component (the nitrous oxide has a greenhouse effect). Air is primarily made up of elemental nitrogen and elemental oxygen.

What is the proper name for laughing gas?

The scientific name for "laughing gas" is " Nitrous oxide."

What has the author Michael Shedlin written?

Michael Shedlin has written: 'Laughing gas (nitrous oxide)' -- subject(s): History, Nitrous oxide, Physiological effect

Nitrous oxide is a sublime?

No, nitrous oxide is not a sublimate.

Does Nitrous Oxide really travel to the penis when a guy gets an erection?

It is Nitric Oxide, not nitrous oxide. Nitrous Oxide is laughing gas.

What is the chemical composition of nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is N2O.

If nitrous oxide is added to an engine what will the effect be?

adds more oxygen to the engine

Is nitrous oxide a organic compound?

No. Nitrous oxide (NO) is an inorganic compound.

Is oxide a fuel?

oxide is not. But nitrous oxide is!

What is nitrous oxide known as?

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas.

What is nitrous oxide cylinder colour code?

nitrous oxide cylinders are blue