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Q: What does my skin need to stay strong and healthy?
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Relationships among people are?

Relationships are something that must be maintained to stay healthy and strong.

What do wolves need to stay healthy?

they need prey, fresh water, a strong pack, two alphas, and LOTS of room to be around

Why a chef to stay healthy?

Because they need to stay healthy

Why should teenagers eat fruit and vegetables?

they should eat fruit and vegetables because there growing and need to stay healthy to stay strong and in shape.

Which type of Diet for healthy baby?

the baby has to to have a healthy diet so when it is born it can be strong and not weak or unhealthy.the baby has to be healthy to grow because its body need vitamins and proteins etc to stay healthy.

What does it mean to healthy?

it means you need to stay healthy

What do swimmers need to stay healthy and strong?

They need what most people need, and its good for them to eat lot's of protein, and usually eat quite large meals, and obviously they need to work out.

What do you need to eat in order to stay healthy?

the foods you need to eat to stay healthy are fruit and vegetables. Also to stay healthy do some sport or maybe go out for a jog every morning.

Why do people need exercise to stay healthy?

People need exercise to stay healthy because it keeps them fit. But exercising is not the only way to stay healthy. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can also keep you healthy. You don't always have to depend on exercising to stay healthy. But it is important to be active.

Should you stay on?

U should stay healthy because your body needs nutrients and when u don't get that when you are young wont have a healthy body and strong bones.

Do animals need argon to stay healthy?


What does a cheetah need to stay healthy in a zoo?

because if they are not so healthy they can die.!!