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Q: What does mercury do to your health?
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Is mercury hazardous to health?

Yes, mercury is very hazardous to health when touched, inhaled, or eaten.

Is Mercury poisonious?

Yes. Mercury is poisonous and is a common health concern.

Is mercury flammablity?

No, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Mercury is neither flammable or combustible.

How is mercury related to your health?

Its incredibly bad for it if exposed to it.

Which thermometer is a greater health hazard if it breaks Is it the mercury in glass or alcohol in glass thermometer?

Mercury is poisonous.

Does eating Mercury damage your health?

Yes it can kill you do not try it

What types of insurance does Mercury Insurance Group offer?

The answer to the question what type of insurance Mercury Insurance Group offers is, Mercury Insurance group offers Vehicle, Homeowners and Health insurance.

Which thermometer has a greater health hazard if it breaks?

The mercury thermometer. Mercury affects the central nervous system if it is ingested in high enough quantities. Plus mercury bioaccumulates in the food chain.

Why teachers prefer to use alcohol thermometers than mercury?

Mercury, especially the vapour, is not good for health. As school thermometers are often broken, having a spill of mercury in the classroom is something best avoided.

What compounds does mercury form?

All forms of mercury are quite toxic, and each form exhibits different health and and it can be part of both inorganic and organic compounds.

How do you clean up mercury from a broken thermometer?

I found a good website to answer your question. The main point is be careful and avoid the mercury vapors. Mercury is poisonous and can easily be spread.

Why is Mercury used for filling teeth?

Mercury is used in Amalgams in many parts of the world because it is easy to work with, and not as likely to shatter the tooth later on. It has very good toughness. Mercury is being phased out because of health concerns.