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Q: What does it mean when your throat feels fuzzy?
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What causes a fuzzy throat feeling?

A "fuzzy" throat can have many causes. Allergies can cause your throat to feel fuzzy due to postnasal drip, or strep throat can begin with a fuzzy feeling in your throat.

What does it mean when your thought feels swollen but not soar?

If your throat is swollen, but does not feel sore, it is likely glands in the throat, possibly a saliva gland has become blocked. See your doctor.

What is mean fuzzy?

fuzzy can mean fizzy e.g: fizzy drink or not very clearly or like e.g: i can see fuzzy lines on the telly

My throat feels bruised and like when i burp it hurts at the bottom what's wrong with my throat?

You dying

When you swallow and it feels like your throat is swollen what is probably wrong?

When that happens to me, I am over-tired.

What does it mean when throat feels like its on fire?

It might mean heart burn, or reflex because acids from your stomach may be coming up to your throat during reflex. This happened to me the other night and I took three TUMS and it made my throat feel way better! So I would eat some TUMS.

Feels like something is stuck in your throat?

Go to the doctor.

What sickness makes you feel like your throat is scratched and when you talk or swallow it feels like a ball is in your throat?

swelling of toncil

What does an itchy throat mean?

my throat is itchy what does it mean as in a superstition ?

Are monkeys fuzzy?

if you mean fuzzy = fluffy = hairy, then yes. The Chinese have them and there is also the Colobus in Angola for example

My throat constantly feels like snot is dripping what can it be?

See the link below for the answer.

What is a condition which feels like tonsillitis but without the inflamed tonsils?

Strep throat