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Q: What does it mean when you yawn too much?
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What happens if you don't yawn?

We yawn because We yawn because we need to get rid of CO2, so that would mean if you don't yawn you will eventually die from hypercapnia (too much CO2)!

Why does a toddler yawn while sleeping?

They yawn for the same reason that you do, too much carbon dioxide in the body. Yawning is the body's was of releasing the excess gases.

I yawn more than enough what does that mean?

Yawning is the body's tendency to get oxygen as fast as possible if your breathing does not supply your body enough. If you yawn too much, it means you are not getting enough oxygen through inhaling. Better consult a doctor for that. (:

Are humans the only ones that yawn?

No, dogs do yawn too. I hope some other animals also yawn.

What do you try hard not to do on a date?

Pass gas, Talk too much, Burp, Kiss, Swear, Yawn

Why can't i yawn?

Because you are forcing yourself and thinking about it. You yawn because it happens randomly when you don't think about it. But if you think about it too hard, your body thinks it needs privacy if u know what i mean.

Why can't you yawn?

Sorry? Could you at least specify your answer? -BTW- I can yawn actually. I'm sure you can too.

Why do cats yawn when they see you?

They probably just woke up. People yawn when they wake up too.

When a dog yawns what does that mean?

Same thing as when you yawn..... When you get tired you get a shortness of breath causing you to yawn to catch your breath when your tired...

Why do you yawn a lot even after a good nights sleep?

When you yawn it doesn't mean your sleepy. Even scientists don't know why you yawn.

What does bostezar mean in Spanish?

It means to yawn.

Why do you yawn when you see someone yawning?

because your sleepy too.