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u have it in ur nose

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Q: What does it mean when you smell bleach when it has not been used recently?
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What does it mean when you smell bleach for no reason?

If you have been around it recently, the fumes tend to stay in the nasal passages for a long while. Bleach fumes are not a good thing to breathe in.

What does it mean when you can smell blood?

It means someone has been bleeding.

What does it mean if urine smells like bleach?

Your urine shouldn't have a really noticeable smell to it. Are you sure it's a bleach smell...possibly an ammonia smell? If so maybe you should drink a whole lot more water to dilute it and if you drink sodas maybe lay off of them for a while. You can get bad bladder infections if your urine is too strong. I know water is not very yummy though! Lol

What does it mean when your farts stink?

Some odor is normal. When they smell worse than normal it usually has soemthign to do with something your recently ate.

Can golden retrievers smell?

it depends what u mean if u mean the fur it can smell depending what they have been playing in or what envirment they are in and how much u wash them.if u mean farts they really smell lol trust me i have a golden retriever

What does it mean when your farts smell like broccoli and you have not had any recently?

Farts are composed of many different gases. There are numerous combinations of these gases that can smell like many different things. You thinking that your farts smell like one thing in particular is nothing to worry about.

What does it mean when you can't smell for a long time and now i have a perfume smell in my nose?

i haven't been able to smell anything for years and now i have a perfume smell in my nose going on two weeks. is there anything to be nervous about

What does it mean when urine has a bad odor?

It can mean you have eaten something like garlic or asparagus that has given it the smell, it could be an infection, you could be dehydrated, or if you recently took vitamins, that could cause it too.

What does synchypnotic mean?

There is no such word, or, if there is, it has been recently invented and its meaning can only be explained by its inventor.

Can you get bleach songs on i tunes?

It depends on what you mean. There is a band and an album titled "Bleach". Bleach, the band, is a Christian Modern Rock band. Bleach, the album, is by artist Nirvana (punk rock/ grunge). If your talking about the anime television show; then songs from Bleach have not been put on iTunes. I haven't even found them on podcasts. However, you are able to download Television Seasons of Bleach.

What does it mean to find gray feathers?

It means that a bird with gray feathers has been in the area recently.

Can you pass a urine test for meth by drinking bleach?

Bleach will not clean your urine of meth. In fact, bleach will not clean your urine of any drug. If you drink bleach, you will be very sick. If you mean can you add bleach to a urine specimen to clean the meth out, that will not work either, and it will smell so strongly of bleach that the person testing you would know. Please do not try either one, they don't work, and you risk injuring yourself or getting in trouble.