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Q: What does it mean if you throw up clear?
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What does to puke mean?

to throw up

What does lob mean?

to throw up high or to take but i would use to throw up high

Why do you need to eat clear liquids after a concussion?

They are trying to make sure you do not throw up.

Synonym of clarify?

make clear, shed/throw light on, elucidate, illuminate, explain, explicate, define, spell out, clear up

What does it mean to disgorge?

To throw up or vomit.

Why cant we see the throw up from flies?

Because it is microscopic and a clear, acidic, dissolvable liquid

What would be the best way to eliminate or reduce the hazards?

Get rid of it , fit it , clear it up and throw it away.

Why did you throw up after a tattoo?

Cause i felt like it! well, wouldn't you throw up after getting punctured with a needle a billion times??? i mean, i would throw up at the fact that i am getting punctured with a needle...

What does the name rolfe mean?

to throw up and cool kid

What do it mean when dogs throw up their spit?

they are having a fit

Which anomalous data might the manager throw out before calculating the mean?

Any anomalous data for which there is a clear, external explanation.

Is it bad to throw up clear stuff or spit?

yes it is horrible!!! it means you have the black death potatoe sickness!!!!!!!