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It doesnt mean anything. There is probably just something in your diet that is affecting it, but dont worry, most guys semen is a little off white, some more than others. Try changing the things you eat for a while and see what happends, but you have nothing to worry about.

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Q: What does it mean if you have off white seamen?
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What does seamen look like?

It is a white, thick substance

What does the surname Seamark mean?


What does it mean when seamen is green?

its moldy?

What is seamen?

Seamen is a word synonymous with sailors. Seamen crew ocean-going vessels.It is possible that your question contains a typo.Semen are single cells of the male reproductive system that can fertilize an egg to make a genetically different offspring.2nd Answer:Sorry, not correct. Semen is a milky off-white fluid that carries millions of 'Spermatazoa", or sperm cells, to the female's egg.

What has a creamy white colour produces a permanent joint that takes one hour to set?


What does it mean when you have yellow seamen?

Multi-vitamins can color a mans semen yellow.

What does ''offwat'' mean?

That's the southern term meaning not quite white, off white...

What color should seman be?

it differs on what you eat. But if you are trying to have a kid, and your not getting anywhere you might be low. i would get that checked out!

When was Seamen's Bethel created?

Seamen's Bethel was created in 1832.

What does it mean to ride the white pony?

To get high off drugs

What does spunk nut mean?

This is the term to describe a males scrotum being covered in seamen after either a successful session of intercourse or masturbation though underwear resulting in the ejaculated seamen still be contained within the underwear. "Oh god James that was good but all your seamen has ran down and is on your scrotum, you have spunknuts"


You can send red tubes off to be tested. These tubes are used to collect blood and seamen.