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Nothing that's normal... if u accidentally skipped a pill or you are just starting the Birth Control it happened to me just this month and i went the the doctor and that's what they told me.

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Q: What does it mean if you are on the pill you spot the whole month?
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I am taking the pill just to change the time I am supposed to start my period for this month due to a vacation - if you start to spot should you take two pills instead?

No and it won't change your period. It takes a month before the pill takes effect so you will have your period as you nornally do. If you have sex it won't keep you from getting pregnant either because, again, it takes a whole cycle before it is effective.

What does spot clean mean?

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What does it mean if in your placebo pill week you dont get your period but you spot light brown and stomach cramps and your new to the pill?

That is your withdrawal bleeding. It's going to be lighter and shorter when you're on the pill.

Can you have your period before the birth control pill tells you to?

It is possible to alter the timing of your menstrual cycle while on the pill. Sometimes you can push it to later in the month too. Depending on how long you push it back though, you may spot.

Do you spot after stoping the pill?

Hi, Your question is: Do you spot after stopping the pill? Yes, you do spot after stopping the pill. The "spotting" usually occurs within 7 days of stopping the pill but sometimes it can take as long as 14 days to occur. This spotting is known as a withdrawal bleed and is perfectly normal. It simply means birth control is withdrawing from your system.

Where is an A spot on a women?

What do you mean by the 'A' spot? What do you mean by the 'A' spot?

Are you supposed to spot the last week of active pills?

I got on the pill 2 days ago, my doctor told me that it is a normal side effect to spot anytime while on the pill, don't worry girl

Is it normal to have cramps during first month on the pill?

there, No, you dont usually have cramps when you go on the pill, the pill should prvent the cramps...if you have had unprotected sex before going on the pill, i strongly advise you stop taking it and take a pregnancy test as cramping is 1 or the most common signs of early pregnancy as is spot bleeding, headaches back ache ect ect, if it turns out that you are not pregnant then seek advice from your doctor as to why you are having the cramps from taking the pill!

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Is it normal to just spot in place of your period after starting the pill?

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