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Feels comfortable, delightful and exciting; in a word, 'Wonderful'.

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Q: What does inside apussy feel like to a man?
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Is it normal to feel like somethings being poked in abdomen during sexual penatration?

only if he's in deep i feel like that when my man is deep inside me

Can a man feel when impregnating a woman?

Yes, a woman can feel it when a man c**s inside of her.

How did you feel when you made it?

like a man

How do you feel when you are in love with a man?

1. You feel like there is someone there for you and that he loves you and will do anything for you. It is an amazing feeling and sometimes you feel like the world has stopped and its all about you and your man. 2.

You feel as though a man really fancies you but you can never tell for sure if he does its just this weird feeling you get or are you just imagining it?

Well whoever felt like that must really have a crush on a man. So honey i bet if you feel funny inside and you just have that feeling then he LIKES YOU.

Does a girl feel it when a man cums inside her?

Some women may feel a sensation of warmth or wetness when a man ejaculates inside them, but it varies from person to person. Sensations during sex can vary based on individual sensitivity and body awareness.

What is the hormone of the male that makes a man feel and look like a man?


What are the inside of troop carriers like?

man jigaloo

Can you feel it when the guy cums in you?

Some women may feel physical sensations when a man ejaculates inside them, such as warmth or a slight pressure. However, not all women can feel it, as sensitivity varies between individuals and factors like the position during sex can influence the sensation.

What does it feel like wen a man fingers himself?

Wen a man fingers him self

Can you be gay and transgender?

yes no matter how you intended that question:if you meant, "can I be born a woman and have a sex change so I am a man and like men" then the answer is yes.if you meant "can I be born a woman and feel i am a man and like women" then the answer is yes.If you meant can i be born a man and feel I am a woman, like men, and feel I am gay" then the answer is yes.

How does a man feel when you reject friends with benefits?

like poop