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Q: What does higher than normal immunoglobulin a mean?
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What does hypo mean in hypotension?

Hyper - higher than normal Hypo - lower than normal

Are negative numbers higher than normal numbers?

What do you mean by "higher?"They are smaller than positive numbers since they are to the left of positive numbers on the number line.Beyond that, not sure what you mean.

What does it mean when a ball is hit high in tennis?

It just means that the ball is hit higher than what is normal, which could mean at head-level or higher.

What does plus P mean after 38 Special?

Ammunition loaded to higher than normal pressure.

When a pressure is measured as 1016mb what does that mean?

That would be slightly higher than the 'normal' atmospheric pressure of 1013mb

What does it mean that the teratozoospermic index is higher than the normal range?

The Teratozoospmia index (TZI) gives an range of possible defects, the higher the score the higher the indication of possible defects.

What does it mean when your bone density is higher than normal?

It means your bones are strong and heavy. That's good, but don't get fat.

Why do you find renal epithelial cells in urine?

What does it mean when there are higher than normal levels of renal epithelial cells in urine?

Idling higher than normal?

Vacuum leak.

What is the percentage of Immunoglobulin M in the plasma?

I thinck less than 25%

What is body temperature that is higher than normal?

If the body is unable to maintain a normal temperature and it increases significantly above normal, a condition known as hyperthermia occurs.

What happens when an alkali pH number is higher than 7?

It is normal for an alkaline solution to have a pH higher than 7.