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from what i know about helium; it is lighter than air or the oxygen we breathe so it sits higher in your lungs. Therefore when you exhale it passes through your vocal cords faster which is why your voice is a higher pitch. If you breathe too much Helium in you will become light headed because you aren't getting the oxygen your cells need. An example of a different gas is xenon which is denser and heavier than air. Therefore when you breathe it in it sits at the bottom of your lungs and takes longer to pass through your vocal cords and makes your voice much deeper. It's pretty interesting however xenon is very expensive.

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Q: What does helium do if you breathe it in?
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Is helium or air you breathe out denser?

The air you breathe out is denser.

Can something breathe helium?

It depends on what you mean. We can breathe helium without any ill effects as long as we get enough oxygen. However, nothing could breathe and use helium as we breathe and use oxygen because helium is inert. Unlike oxygen, which is highly reactive, helium does not participate in chemical reactions, so it could not serve an organism any purpose.

How is helium used by humans?

they can breathe it in

Why does helium make you talk different?

helium is less dense than the normal air we breathe, so when you breathe helium out and your vocal chords vibrate, it comes out in a higher pitch tone.

What will happen when i breathe helium?

you will talk squeaky

Is helium unhealthy?

Inhaling helium can be harmful as it can displace oxygen in your lungs, leading to symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, and possibly even suffocation. It is important to be cautious when using helium and never inhale it directly from a balloon.

How many times do you breathe in helium to get cancer?

Helium doesn't cause cancer, so from that perspective it doesn't matter.

Does helium cause brain damage?

No. It is an inert gas. But, if you only breathe helium, you may deprive your brain of oxygen, and that can be fatal.

Could you die from helium?

Not exactly. Helium is an inert gas, and is not toxic.However, you could die from not having oxygen, so if you breathe only helium, yes you could die.

Is helium poisenous?

No however the lack of oxygen is deadly. It is unlikely that you will hurt yourself sucking the helium out of balloons, as long as you breathe oxygen in between breaths of helium. There is a small percentage of helium (.0005%) in the earths atmosphere.

Can helium make people float?

No, helium is toxic to your lungs and can kill you if you breathe it long enough, or you could have severe lung damage done to you.

What 2 gasses is mostly in the air you breathe?

The two main gases in the air we breathe are nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air, while oxygen makes up about 21%.