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happy and rich new year.

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Q: What does gung hay fat choy mean?
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What does gung hay fat choy mean in Chinese?

Gung Hay Fat Choy means "Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year."

Gung hay fat choy?

Get More Money,and whoever wrote Gung Hay Fat Choy means "Happy Chinese New Year," they are very dumb.

In what language does gung hay fat choy come from?


What does gun hay fat choy mean in English?

Happy Chinese New Year

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How do you say happy new year in Jappanease?

Happy New YearTranslating...Gung-Hay-Fach-OyBy Rickey Gummi

What is happy new year in Chinese?

农历新年快乐. 农历新年 is Chinese New Year, 快乐 means Happy. If you want to wish someone Happy Chinese New Year, you can say 祝你农历新年快乐. 祝你 means Wishing you actually,we usually say 新年快乐

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