What does gts stand for in cars?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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"Gran Turismo Sport", or occasionally, "Gran Turismo Spider" (convertible).

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Q: What does gts stand for in cars?
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What does GTS stand for in Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS?

specific model or make.

What does gts stand for in holden?

grand touring sport

What does a gts stand for in Pokemon world?

Global Trade Station

What does hbu stand for?

Hbu stands for HOW BOUT YOU

What gts stand for on a dodge dart?

grand turismo sport.

What does gts stand for on a dodge dart?

i have no idea what a dodge dart is but i know gtsstands for good times. No it stands for sport, the regular GT had a 340 in it the GTS had a 383.

What is the best performance mods for 2003 eclipse gts?

their is no performance mods for these cars no mater what you do. their cows

What does g t s stand for in gts class racing?

Grand touring sport

Cars that start with q?

There are a few cars that start with the letter Q. These cars are the Quantum Extreme, the Quantum Napier, the Qvate Mangusta, and the Quaife R4-GTS.

Where can you buy used GTS cars?

There are many places one can find a used GTS car for sale. A used car lot, for example, might carry a used GTS. Also, browsing newspaper, and online classifieds could potentially net you a used Suzuki. Finally, there are online auto traders that you can browse in hopes of finding a used GTS car that you've been looking for.

What does HSV stand for in HSV cars?

Research has shown that there are a number of things that the acronym HSV can stand for. In relation to cars this would likely stand for "High Speed Vehicle".

How can I see a Deoxys on diamond to use the GTS?

first fly to the lost ruins and stand there for five seconds and one will pop up