What does gt means?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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In Social Networks especially twitter,GTS means Guess The Song.

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grand touring

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Q: What does gt means?
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What does gt means in cars?

GT means Race Cars.. e.g the cars in Le Mans are GT cars

Does gt means supercharged?

No. It means Grand Tourer

What does 3000 gt means?

3000gt is a Mitsubishi car.

What does ETS mean on a 2002 Grand Am GT?

ETS on a GT means Enhanced Traction System (ETS) or Traction Control.

What does the GT stand for in Suzuki GT550?

GT is often used to show that a car is a high performance type of car. GT means Gran Turismo in Italian, which in English means Grand Touring. Even though these cars are high performance, they are not used for racing, those cars are a different class.

What is GT series?

The GT series, if you , mean dragonball, it was the second sequel to dragonball, GT means 'Grand Tour' as the main characters (Goku, Pan and Trunks) go on a few big adventures or grand tours. Good series.

How do you get talking tom cat for Samsung GT-C6712?

IF u genious means tell me the answer......

What kind of engine does a mustang 2000 gt have?

A 2000 Ford Mustang GT has the 4.6 litre Single Over Head Cam , V8 engine from the factory ( 281 cubic inches ) If you look at the 8th " character " of the VIN : " W " means the engine in your 2000 Ford Mustang GT was made in Romeo , Michigan , USA " X " means the engine in your 2000 Ford Mustang GT was made in Windsor , Ontario , Canada

What are the meaning of warning lights on the dashboard of a 99 mustang gt?

The light means that there is an alternator issue

Does GT describe specification of cars?

Not really. GT is used many times as a model identification when in reality it means nothing. It can however mean the car is a performance model or car with larger high horsepower engine. The term GT means Grand Tourer or Gran Turismo. In the beginning it was a high performance luxury car designed for long distance driving. The most common format is a 2 door coupe. Today, the term is used on many different cars and it can mean the car is a performance car. Examples are the Mustang GT, Nissan GT-R, Porsche Carerra GT, Pontiac GTO, etc. Other cars called GT are nothing more than trimmed up standard cars that are not performance cars at all. Examples are the Chevy Cavalier GT, and Beretta GT.

What transmission comes with a 95 mustang gt?

I'm pretty sure the 95 gt came with an aode transmission which means automatic overdrive. they had the aode in the earlier years but it was a completely different tranny.

Will a 2003 eclipse GT front bumper fit on a 2000 eclipse GT?

It might fit, but it actually a different bumper. It means that your fog lights are not going to fit. Other then that I do not see a reason why it will not fit.