What does gordas chicas mean?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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gordas chicas means fat girls

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Q: What does gordas chicas mean?
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What does gordas mean?

gordas chicas means fat girls

What does te tirarse a chicas mean?

tirarse a chicas -or- tirarte a chicas = throw yourself at girls.

What does chicas mean in Spanish?

"Chicas" means "girls".

why are they gordas ?

they eat

What are the ratings and certificates for Vacas gordas - 2007?

Vacas gordas - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13

What does como son las chicas mean in spanish?

"Como son las chicas" means "what are the girls like" in Spanish.

What does chicas exoticas mean in English?

"Chicas exoticas" translates to "exotic girls" in English.

What does que pasa chicas mean?

It means "What´s happening, girls?"

What does Con mis chicas mean?

"Con mis chicas" is Spanish for "with my girls." It is a phrase used to indicate being with a group of female friends or companions.

When was Tres Chicas created?

Tres Chicas was created in 1999.

Where can someone watch videos of Chicas Calatas?

Videos of Chicas Calatas can be be viewed on YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, VideoSexArchive, Cholotube, and Chicas-Video. The translation of Chicas Calatas is Galatians girls.

How do you write tired of girls in spanish?

ninas cansadas a synonym for ninas could be= chicas- chavas- mujeres and for tired= cansadas- agotadas and they are the same no matter what conbination you use chicas agotadas ninas agotadas chicas cansadas etc.... and all mean the same, "tired girls"