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Q: What does g638 on the side of the block above the starter mean casting is 14093638?
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What size motor has block casting numbers 14093638?

chevy 350

Where is the serial number on a 1965 289 ford engine block?

Casting number is on the back, right hand side of the block just above the starter.

Where is the block numbers on a ford 302?

The casting number is on the passenger side of the block.Right above the starter.You may have to remove the starter to see it.

What vehicle does a 350 engine with this engine identification number 14093638 come from?

The casting block number indicates that it could have come from a number of vehicles that have a GM 350 small block from 1985 to 1997. Suburban,corvette, camaro, ect. The same block is also used on several marine applications

Where do I find the casting number on a Ford engine block?

behind the distrubitor cap Try behind the starter mount location. this is where i find most block castings no.

Is this a Corvette block 14093638?

Not necessarily. It is a 350 V8 used in Chevrolet's from 87-95.

Is there a freeze plug above the starter?

On the lincoln 4.6 lt engine yes you have two freeze plugs in the area of the starter, one exactly above the starter and another above but on the rear side of the block.

Where is the id number on a 5 liter engine?

I think its on the block above the starter.

You have an old V8 ford motor how can you find out what year and size it is?

You'll have to look at the casting numbers. I'm not sure if its the same on big block but at least on the small blocks it is located on the block above the starter, which is attached to the transmission and is at the rear right side of the engine block. If you can find it, post it on my messageboard and I can decode it for you to tell you the year and size.

What starter do I need for sbc block casting number 14010201?

According to that block number, it should be a 1980-1985 305 V8. So to answer your question; Any starter for a 1980-1985 Malibu, Camaro, Caprice, or Pickup should be the correct one.

Where is the engine number on 351 Windsor engine block?

It is above where the starter goes cast on the block.if the motor is in you will have to remove the starter to see the #.

Where are the engine block casting numbers on a 1969 mach 1351 w engine located?

You have to look on the side of the block behind the starter. Use of a mirror and flashlight makes this an easier task to perform.