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A double metaphor. To be on the wagon means that you have given up drinking alcohol. A vat of Alcoholism suggests a lot of alcoholism (a vat is large) and at the same time the word vat is usually applied to large containers of alcoholic drinks. To sum up it means going from one extreme of not drinking at all to the other extreme of heavy drinking.

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Q: What does falling off the wagon into a vat of alcoholism mean?
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What does to go on the wagon mean?

It means to be sober. If you fall off the wagon you have begun drinking again/relapsed.

What is meant by the phrase falling off the band wagon?

The phrase "falling off the band wagon" means to change a pattern usually from something good to former ways, this can be applied to alcohol drinkers, smokers, drug users, weight loss and people who have chosen a particular path to better themselves and have now reverted to old ways.

What does on the wagon mean?

On the wagon means you are giving up alcohol. You are not going to drink anything alcoholic. If you fall off the wagon, you've slipped up and had a drink.

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Back in the wild west days, people used to transport wine and liqueur in barrells by horses. One guy would be handeling the horses who is now known as the driver, and another guy would be sitting next to him with a shot gun protecting the goods, (hence, the expression "shotgun") when somebody sitts in the front passenger seat. However, due to the long roads the protector ends up drinking the whole time to make time go by faster. Subsequently, the guy who's been drinking for the last 1700 miles or so gets drunk and fall off the wagon. Hence, the expression:"Falling off the wagon." So, when somebody says: "i fell off the wagon", it doesn't mean he just started drinking again, it simply means he HAS BEEN drinking for a while. and getting back on the wagon means that he's ok and in a position to be the protector again. W. Doumit...

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Why is it called Off the wagon when you stop drinking alcohol?

You have this wrongWhen you stop drinking alcohol you are said to be ON the wagon.Thus if you fall OFF the wagon it is taken to mean that you have started to drink alcohol again having one stopped.The WAGON in the expression relates to the water wagon, which was a horse-drawn water car once used to spray dirt roads to keep down the dust. (So if you were on the wagon you must be drinking WATER).

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