What does dwell mean use in a senctance?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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1. If you dwell on something, especially something unpleasant, you think, speak, or write about it a lot or for quite a long time.

I'd rather not dwell on the past.

2. If you dwell somewhere, you live there.

They are concerned for the fate of the forest and the Indians who dwell in it.

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Q: What does dwell mean use in a senctance?
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It is dwell in spanish

How do you spell dwelt and what does it mean?

The spelling is correct. Dwelt is the past tense of dwell. Dwell means living place as in "where do you live", this would then be "where do you dwell". The past tense would be "where have you dwelt".

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This word has several meanings. To dwell means to live. "I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever" (from the Bible). We dwell in that apartment complex. To dwell also means to worry over something, to be unable to stop thinking about it. Don't dwell on your troubles so much or you will be miserable! I tend to dwell on things when I make a mistake.

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