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Q: What does drinking warm ginger to fore your body?
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How do I get rid of a cough at home?

Warm water with lemon squeeze and a slice of ginger should help ease up you cough. In Asia, people are boiling water with ginger slices and drinking them when they have cough. The menthol effect of ginger helps ease up coughing.

Is the wolf cold blooded or warm blooded?

The Gray wolf is warm blooded. Warm blooded maintain a constant body temperature. Warm blooded animals are mainly mammals and birds. A wolf is a Mammal so there fore it is warm blooded

Is the gray wolf warm blooded or cold blooded?

Wolves are mammals, and all mammals are warm blooded. "hot blooded" isn't used in Biology, but is generally used for people who get angry and flare up easily.

Does honey in warm water reduce body fat?

No it doesn't - drinking honey warm water and lime will help flush toxins out of the body, to lose fat you have to excercise.

What are the benefits of drinking lukewarm water?

The benefits of drinking lukewarm water is that your body doesn't have to cool the water from hot water or warm up the water from cold water. This saves energy and does not put stress on your body.

Is drinking warm water and lemon in the morning good?

yes diffently its good i think i gives antiaxitend to our body

What are the warm-up excercise?

to ensure al body is warm you should stretch from your calves up to your neck -calves -hamstrings -quads -groin hips gluts fore arms upper arms lower back upper back

What does drinking warm water do in your body?

Drinking hot water before meals reduces hunger, which makes you eat less. This way, you will not over-eat and you will reduce fat and calories from your meal. Water is great for your skin, body, heart, lungs, face and the rest of your body.

Can warm soda kill you?

Drinking warm soda will not kill you.

What are the benefits of drinking cold water?

One of the main benefits of drinking cold water is that it burns calories. When you drink cold water, your warm body cools off and needs to burn more calories to heat back up again. Therefore, drinking cold water helps burn more calories than drinking room temperature or warm water.

What can you eat when you have a stomach Ach?

I prefer warm soup and ginger ale.

How do you reverse the order of the subject and verb in this sentence One trick is drinking warm milk.?

Drinking warm milk is one trick.