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It means: "you're welcome, any time"

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Q: What does da nada chulo siempre por siempre mean?
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What does siempre y por siempre mean?

"Siempre y por siempre" would mean "Always and forever." Most often you will see "para siempre."

What does por siempre mean?

For always

What does te axtraro por siempre mean?

te extrano por siempre means i will miss you forever

What does por siempre mean in spanish?

for ever

When was Por Siempre created?

Por Siempre was created in 1996.

What does de por nada mean?

For nothing

What does por siempre mi love mean?

"por siempre mi amor" literally means for always my love it can be taken as 'forever my love'

What is the English translation of 'por nada'?

The English equivalent of the phrase 'por nada' in Portuguese and Spanish is the following: for nothing; or over nothing. The first equivalent is used in the example of buying something for almost nothing: comprar algo por nada. The second equivalent is used in the example of fighting or crying over the slightest thing: discutir por nada; and llorar por nada.

Por siempre en amor con tu?

Im not sure what Por Siempre means, since por can either mean because of, in order to, or by, and siempre means either always or still, but i know that "en amor con tu" means"in love with you."

What does estamos por siempre mean?

We're always here. We are for ever.

What does Notorio por siempre mean?

notorious for always or.....always notorious

What does por nada mean in spanish?

Not at all, don't mention it.