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The commercial general liability policy provides coverage for liability not contents. If you only have the CGL then there is no contents coverage. Commercial policies are generally put together by adding different policies as needed for particular coverages. There are many different commercial policies that you can combine to become your complete commercial insurance coverage. Discounts are given for combining the policies. Some of the commercial policies available are commercial general liability, commercial auto, commercial property, commercial boiler and machinery, commercial property floaters, and many more to customize the coverages needed.

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Q: What does commercial general liability insurance cover regarding contents liability?
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Is my restaurant covered under my landlord's insurance if it burns down?

The structure is covered but the contents of the restaurant are not. For instance, your ovens, sinks, dishes fixtures, tables,etc would not be covered. You must have liability insurance for the CONTENTS of the restaurant. I don't know everything about insurance, but I do know that liability insurance won't replace your furnishings. You will need the commercial equivalent of the comprehensive part of Homeowners Insurance.

What is Commercial Combined Insurance?

Commercial Combined Insurance is a term used to apply to more than one type of commercial insurance that are written together and given a discounted rate. There are many different types of commercial insurance that are put together in order to properly cover a business. Some of the types of policies are Commercial Property, Commercial Premises Liability, Commercial Auto, Directors and Officers Liability, Boiler and Machinery, Workers Compensation, Professional Liability, Inland Marine, Commercial Contents Coverage, and many more plus endorsements that can add or modify the coverage on these individual policies.

How much does it cost to start a commercial general liability and commercial property insurance policy?

It all depends on the type of business and the size. Commercial general liability and some contents ($10,000 or so) for a small office might be as low as $500 per year. However, the cost of insurance may be higher for an apartment building or commercial structure. It is recommended to obtain at least three quotations from reputable insurance companies before making a decision.

Where would one find pricing regarding contents insurance?

You can find pricing for contents insurance on Direct Line, Interest, Insurance Sign, Contents Coverage and other websites. Contents insurance covers items in a business or a home.

Does Farmers Insurance offer home building insurance for contents and supplies?

Farmers Insurance offers home building insurance that covers your personal belongings such as supplies and contents. It also covers liability and medical payments.

Does a homeowners insurance cover death of your child in the home?

No. Homeowners insurance only covers physical damage to the home and contents and liability risks.

Would my commercial auto policy cover contents?

Auto policies, whether personal or commercial will not cover contents within the vehicle. That is not what auto policies are designed to do. You need to have a commercial property and liability policy to cover business property while on premises or off premises.

What services does Security Insurance Services Inc offer?

Security Insurances Services Inc offers business insurance including property / liability and workers compensation products to cover all commercial business needs and personal insurance including home and auto contents insurance. It also offers services to help with employee benefits like health, dental and disability.

What are some of the main benefits of commercial combined insurance?

Some of the main benefits of commercial combined insurance is that it will automatically index linking at renewal to buildings and contents. There are also legal expense exclusions as part of the insurance cover.

How can online contents insurance be obtained?

Online contents insurance can be obtained by contacting insurance companies. The insurance companies that offer online contents include Allstate Insurance and Halifax Contents Insurance.

Does the owners liability insurance cover contents of a a fire when the renters lost everything?

Is homeowner liability for a fire?No, This is why it is recommended that tenants obtain a renters insurance policy to cover their belongings and personal liability. The owners insurance is for the owners own property and legal liabilities, so unless the owner is somehow responsible for starting the fire, the owner would not be liable for the tenants property.

What does cheap home insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance covers many things for a homeowner and varies from coverage to coverage. It covers personal liability, damage to one's dwelling and the contents inside the dwelling.