What does clean diamond mean?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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'Clean diamond' is a term used by a non-gemologist to express an opinion about the lack of visible flaws in a diamond.

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Q: What does clean diamond mean?
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Is a genuine clean diamond worth as much as a genuine diamond?

I think you are asking if a natural clean diamond is worth as much as a natural diamond that is Not considered clean? The answer is no. A clean diamond means that it is clear from imperfections. Now this can mean clear to the naked eye, or clear under a microscope. Of course the diamond that is clear under the microscope is much worth more than a diamond that is only clear to the naked eye.

What is a clean diamond?

A clean diamond is a diamond that has not come from countries that fund violent civil conflicts in many African countries. You may have heard of a "blood diamond"

How do you clean a man made diamond?

You clean a man made diamond the same way that you would clean any other diamond. Chemically speaking there is absolutely no difference between a diamond that is made by a man made process and a diamond that was made by a geologic process.

Is a clean diamond a real diamond a?

Sorry but we do not understand your question???

How do you clean a diamond?

You can clean a diamond with soap and water, or a steam jet. Cleaning the diamond is the easy part: protecting the metal in which it is set may be the challenge. Your local jeweler can most safely clean your jewelery set with diamonds.

How do you clean diamond earrings?

polish carefully

Has anyone ever boiled diamond?

Probably. After boiling, a diamond would be very clean.

Can diamonds be tested in Clorox?

Testing a diamond in Clorox would only result in a Very Clean Diamond.

What will hydrogen peroxide do to diamonds?

Bathing a diamond in hydrogen peroxide may result in a Very Clean Diamond.

What is the best way to clean vintage diamond rings?

There are various ways to clean vintage diamond rings such as using a toothbrush, soap, and a bowl of water. One should apply ivory soap and gently scrub the diamond ring in the water.

What does commercial diamond mean?

Commercial diamond is diamond sold for money.

What is the most shiniest diamond?

The 'most shiniest' diamond is one that is kept clean, and exposed to light that compliments its cut.