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SI2 indicates that in at least two places inside the diamond, inclusions, however slight, are visible.

You can view diamond clarity images, below, including one for a diamond graded as SI2.

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Q: What does clarity SI2 mean for diamond clarity?
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How much would a SI3 diamond 1.59 in weight cost?

You can purchase a diamond today from Blue Nile, of about this carat weight, with SI2 flaws and spend between US$4,178 and US$8,576, depending on the cut and clarity that you want. Please note that an SI3 diamond borders on being less than gem-stone quality, since this elevated number of Inclusions may cause the stone to split or otherwise suffer a non-recoverable fatality with ordinary wear. Best practices dictate that you work with a certified gemologist to evaluate any diamond purchase, especially an anticipated purchase of an SI3 diamond.

What SI units are used in diamond cutting?

In diamonds, the initials SI represents the term slightly included. From Wikipedia:"Slightly Included category (SI) diamonds have noticeable inclusions that are easy to very easy for a trained grader to see when viewed under 10x magnification. The SI category is divided into two grades; SI1 denotes a higher clarity grade than SI2. These may or may not be noticeable to the naked eye."SI, then, is not a unit used in diamond cutting.

Is diamond a transparent translucent or opaque?

Raw diamonds can be transparent, translucent or opaque, depending on their clarity. Gem-quality diamonds are transparent.

Are diamonds valuable?

Gem-stone quality diamonds are considered especially valuable due to their rarity and their uniqueness. A diamond's value is determined by its 4 Cs, which include a diamond's cut, clarity, color and carat weight. A diamond low on some or all of the 4 Cs will naturally be less valuable than a diamond that is high in clarity, color, cut and carat weight. Seventy-five to eighty percent or more of all mined diamonds, however, are used by industry to enhance cutting and precision tools.

What is the weight of the biggest purple diamond?

To date, the largest purple stone originated in Russia and was cut by Julius Klein Diamond Corporation. It's current ownership is unknown. Internet Stones describes the stone as: "The diamond is a fancy vivid purple, I-1 clarity, [a] heart-shaped stone weighing 7.34 carats..." The stone is named the Royal Purple Heart.

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How much is a SI2 round solitaire diamond?

The value of a diamond depends on its cut, its clarity, its colour and its carat weight. A local jeweler can give you the answer you want.

What is the value of a 3 carat diamond?

The value of diamonds depends greatly on their clarity, the quality of their cut and their color. To purchase a 3 carat diamond from a retail source with quality better than SI2 you will be spending at least 20 thousand dollars!

What does s11 mean on ring?

SI1 has the fewest and smallest inclusions, while SI2 has more and larger inclusions. This doesn't mean that SI clarity diamonds are a poor choice. In fact, most SI1 clarity diamonds will look just as good as a higher clarity diamond.

How much does a 1 carat diamond cost?

A round GIA certified 1 carat H color and VS1 clarity “VG†cut diamond is worth approx. $4,500. You can go down on clarity up to SI2 but an eye clean diamond which will cost you $3,800.

How much does a 3 carat diamond cost?

A GIA round 3 carat F color, VVS2 clarity diamond can cost about $56,900 and 3 carat round H color, SI2 (100% eye clean) clarity diamond costs about $25,951. You can select a good quality diamond if you focus on the cut and compromise on the clarity, depending on your budget.

How much does it cost for a 4 carat diamond?

The value of a diamond depends on its cut, colour, carat weight and its clarity. A local jeweler can answer your question. You can buy a round cut diamond of this weight today from Blue Nile and spend from about US$40,000 to about US$56,000. An investment-quality diamond -- with a higher clarity rating -- starts at about US$56,000.

How much does a 3 carat diamond ring cost?

Depending on the cut, colour, clarity and exact carat weight, you could buy a diamond of about this weight today from Blue Nile and spend between US$17,000 and US$21,000. Then, you'd pay for the setting.

What does vs mean in diamond?

In grading a diamond's clarity, VS indicates Very Slight.

Is a 5 carat 76 pear I diamond more valuable than a 4 carat 29 pear h si2 if both are gia and the I has no visible inclusions?

The value of a diamond depends on its cut, its clarity, its colour and its carat weight. A local jeweler can give you the answer you want.

What does clarity 12 mean in diamond?

One can assume that clarity I2 is what you mean, instead of 12 -- 'eye two' not 'one two'. A diamond with clarity I2 means that there are multiple inclusions or flaws that are visible to the naked -- unmagnified -- eye. The I stands for Included and the number represents the degree to which is it included. I1 being the least to I3 being the most.

How much is a 2k diamond?

You may be able to find a 2 carat, round brilliant cut diamond of a J colour, with two slight inclusions (SI2) in the US$9-10,000 range. A whiter stone with higher clarity and of a different cut will probably cost you more.

What does clarity HI clarity I2-I3 mean in a diamond?

Clarity H-I sounds more like the colour grade. Clarity I2-i3 means that there are two or three visible inclusions in the diamond. This is the lowest clarity grade for gem-stone quality diamonds.