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Have a great afternoon

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Q: What does buenos Tardes Gran Dia mean in Spanish?
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What is the meaning of the spanish word TARDIS?

do you mean 'tardes' as in buenos tardes, it means good afternoon/evening. Tarde means (generally) late

What does goodafternoon mean in spanish?

Buenas tardes

What is the Spanish word taredes mean?

afternoon (spelt 'tardes'): buenas tardes = good afternoon

How do you say hello in la paz?

If you mean La Paz, Bolivia, the main language spoken there is Spanish. In Spanish, you might say "Hola" (informal), or, more formally, "buenos días" (in the morning) or "buenas tardes" (in the afternoon).

What does hola buenos tarded mean?

"Hola, buenas tardes" means "Hello, good afternoon" in English.

What does buenos diaz mean?

buenos dias = good morning in spanish

What does buenos tienes mean in spanish?

buenos = good (masculine plural)tienes = you have

What does the Spanish word tardes mean?

late (with a plural noun) also: afternoons/evenings

What does good evening mean in spanish?

'Buenas tardes' if earlier, or 'buenas noches' if later.

Good morning mam in Spanish?

Good morning in Spanish is Buenos Dias.Buenos Dias until 12 noon. Afternoon buenas tardes. Evening buenas noches.There are two common greetings:¡Buenos días! ['bwe.noz. 'ð]¡Buen día! ['bwen̪. 'di.a]Buenos DiasBuenos dias.Buenos días is the answer

What does the phrase 'buenos dias' mean in English?

Buenas tardes means "Good afternoon" in EnglishBuenas tardes = Good afternoonBuenas tardes means "good afternoon". It can be used both as a greeting or when's buenAs tardEsGood afternoon/evening

What does las tardes mean in spanish?

It means the time in the afternoon before dark, and is meant as an unspecific time referance.