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Q: What does bon je suis magnifique mean?
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How do you say i am goregous in french?

je suis magnifique, je suis splendide

How do you say I am magnificent in French?

"Je suis magnifique"

How do you say im good in french?

I'm good is translated "je suis bon" in French. (or je suis bonne for a girl)

What does it mean je suis Ă©galement bon?

"I am good, as well"

What does Je suis bon et vous mean in English?

I am good, and you?

How do you say i am happy in french language?

I am happy in French is je suis heureux.

How do you say im am good in french?

(my health is not good) : je ne vais pas bien, je ne suis pas bien

How do you say 'on a date with a beautiful woman' in french?

Je suis avec une femme magnifique.

What does je suis qui mean in English?

Je suis qui je suis means 'I am who I am' in French.

What does je suis mean in English?

Je suis is French for 'I am'.

How do you say hi i am good in french?

'Salut Je suis bon'

What does je suis mean in French?

It's spelled Je suis and it means "I am"