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Blood plays an important role in our body. It carries oxygen from the lungs to all the other tissues in the body. It also carries nutrients to all parts of the body. Blood also transports special chemicals called hormones, that regulate certain body functions. Waste products produced during metabolism such as urea and uric acid are carried by the blood to the kidneys.There's a lot more.

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blood does a lot for the body, but it's main functions are to carry materials throughout the body. it is called a connective tissue. it supplies our body's material to be transported.

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Q: What does blood do for the body?
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In blood of the body

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What do blood vessels in the body do?

blood vessels are the passageway of blood throughout the body

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Is blood and body tissues what?

What does the blood do in the body?

the blood runs through your body and in to your heart

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Which organ pumps blood?

The heart pumps blood through the rest of the body.

What pumps blood round your body?

the heart pumps the blood around your body through blood vessels , the artery which pumps blood from the heart to the rest of the body and veins which pump blood from the organs back to the heart.

Which body fluid has the highest volume in your body?

Blood. You have roughly 10 pints of blood in your body. No other fluid in your body reaches that volume so the blood wins.

What carries the blood to the body?

Veins carry the blood throughout the body. It's Where The Blood Travels Through.

How does the blood flow throughout the body?

Your heart pumps your blood, carrying blood cells, throughout the body.