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No one believes this, but I once stayed awake for 8 straight days, not a minute of sleep. I did this because I had read somewhere that after 2-3 days, one would start to hallucinate. Well, I never hallucinated, and to the best of my knowledge there has been no adverse effects on my mind or body.

Once I finally slept, I slept a normal 7-8 hours and didn't feel abnormally tired when I woke up.

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Q: What does being awake for 60hours do to the mind and body?
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Can your body keep your mind awake?

There are many cases where people cannot sleep. Many cases are due to bodily aches, being uncomfortable, and restless leg syndrome, which are physical aspects of the body, that do not allow the mind to drift into sleep. This is because it is sending the brain signs of a problem.

What does it mean if you mind is fully awake and telling your body to wake from a dream but your body doesn't respond?

... resourse: sleep paralysis

Awake mind but body cant move while sleeping?

That is called sleep paralysis. It is a function of your body to paralyze yourself so you do not wake yourself up while dreaming. Sometimes, just before you fall asleep you move a body part quickly which awakens you from the drowsiness. sleep paralysis is the function to prevent that. Sometimes the mechanism of it is still active while your mind is already awake. Do not worry, it is not dangerous.

When music calms you what calms you most?

Music calms you with its beat and pattern. Your mind ajusts to a pattern and doesn't need to stay alert and awake as the same thing is happening. Just like of you have a test coming up your body stays awake to prepare because you feel stressed. It doesn't know why but stays awake and alert

What are the stages of conciousness?

Conscious ness is being aware of sesual signals which is body conscious ness. Being conscious about external world is body and mind experiences. beyond the dimensions of body and mind experiences is called spiritual consciousness.

Why you cant control your mind?

You can control your mind because it is your mind you are the one who has control over your body and what you put in it. The mind is amazing in a human being and you obviously can control it

What is alertness?

Alertness is the quality of being alert - brisk or nimble of body or mind.

Is it normal to be physically asleep but your mind is awake and you can open your eyes and think but its hard to jolt yourself awake?

This is a scary experience but its common and nothing to worry about.

What does health and well being mean?

Health is a state of body and mind. Good health is when body and mind are well. Ill health is when you are not well in body and mind, when you are ill. Well being is a state of peace and comfort physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually.

The mind is like a parachute it won't work unless it is open?

Yes because the mind does not work if the brain is not functional. While sleeping the mind still works but not as powerfully as when awake. The brain however constantly works to provide the body with necessary abilities, for example telling the heart to beat, and telling the body to move. But the mind will not work if it's not, "open." So technically the mind is always, "open" but we can control it to open more towards other things, when we are thinking and are awake..

What does it mean when you jolt awake to the feeling of being hit and you look around and no one is there?

The mind is a very complex tool. Its more advance and sufficient than the best computer. But it relies on the signals sent to it by the body. When we dream, our mind is doing several things at once. Its mostly electric signals being past through the brain cells, aka, processing information. Sometimes those electric signals can be so intense that our body reads it as reality and responds. If you see the first move of the Matrix triology, you might understand it a little better

Health is the condition of being sound in body and mind and free from physical or pain?