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Axper or aper means brother so axpers means brothers

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Q: What does axpers mean in English its an Armenian word?
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How do you say dad in Armenian?

"հայր" pronounced like the English word "hire".

How do you say dad in Armenian language?

"հայր" pronounced like the English word "hire".

What does the Armenian word mort mean?

Mort means skin.

What is the Armenian phrase 'Bartabedi Aboor' in English?

"Priest's soup" is an English equivalent of the Armenian phrase "Vartabedi Aboor."Specifically, the word "vartabedi" means "priest." The word "aboor" means "soup." The phrase comes from what priests tended to make and eat in monasteries.

What does tnqtl mean in Armenian?

I have no idea. There are no vowels in this word, which would indicate that this is either not a complete word, or it isn't a word at all.

Is hye a word?

Hye is Armenian for a person who is Armenian.

How do you say brother in Armenian?

depends on your dialect: if you're eastern Armenian, you would say "aghper." if you're western Armenian (most likely diasporan Armenian), you would say "yeghpayr." The above is wrong. In Eastern Armenian the proper way to say brother is եղբայր (yeghbayr) (the 'gh' in this word is pronounced like when you huck a loogie). In Western Armenian the b in yeghbayr is pronounced with a p...that's the only difference. The word ախպեր (Aghper) is a slang word, much like saying "bro" in English... my family is diaspora and we pronounce the word for brother as Yeghpayr

How do you say love in Armenian?

Awesome in Armenian is called: SARSAPAZTOO and spelled as sar-sa-paz-too. BUT,this word in Armenian is not really used these days.

Is Miranda Cosgrove Armenian?

Yes, she is. Cosgrove is an Armenian word and its her father's last name, so her dad is Armenian, and she is half Armenian or quarter Armenian.

What is the translation of the word sushi in Armenian?

The translation of "sushi" in Armenian is "սուշի" pronounced as "sooshi".

What does Arabic word inshallala mean in English?

What does Arabic word inshallala mean in English

What does the Spanish word can mean in English?