What does aproves mean?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What does aproves mean?
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Who appoints the justices and who aproves them?


What makes a theory a macro theory?

if marco polo aproves it

Which house of ongress aproves the appoinments of the supreme court?

the Judical

Can an 18 year old be with a 17 year old?

yes well only if your parent aproves of it

Can I go have a family member live with me if the states aproves?

If I have a niece the wants to live with me but the states has custody what do I need to do to have her live with me

Does the president appoint cabinet?

yes, the president appoints the cabinet and the senate aproves it

What were the three branches mentioned in the Texas constitution?

Texas- 3 branchesjudicial, executive, and legislativejudicial- it interprets the laws, they make sure that the laws are applied. It try people accused of crimes.executive- Its responsible for seeing that the law3s of the state are carried out.legislative- its vested in the senate and Houseof Representatives, makes laws, and its aproves the budget.

What roles do the three branches of the federal government play?

the roles of three branches are judicial branch-the judicial branch aproves the laws legislative branch-the legislative branch makes the laws executive branch-the executive branch carries out the laws ~Lil Dice~

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you mean what you mean

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