What does adagietto mean?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Adagietto is a musical tempo marking - indicating a piece to be played more light-hearted than adagio.

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Q: What does adagietto mean?
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What does poco lente mean? Look at list... Adagietto - un poco lento (70 - 80 bpm) That's 70-80 beats per minute

What is the meaning of the English musical term 'moderately fast tempo'?

Andante- a steady walking pace, to be precise. Adagietto means a little faster than adagio. Larghetto is slow, but not as slow as Largo. note: mezzo piano means moderately soft

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There are very many. Here's a list of some: Andante Andantino Presto Adagietto Vivace Vivo Vivacissimo Vivacissimamente Tranquillo Andante Moderato Largamente Largo Lento Lento Assai Grave Allegro Allegrissimo Larghissimo Of course, if you want some more, you can go here:

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