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Q: What does action over indemnity buyback clause mean?
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What does the Indemnity to Principals Clause mean?

Indemnity to Principals clause means that the cover is extended to the principal in the event that he/she is sued. This is common for most insurance covers.

Does indemnity mean that person that was not at fault have to pay back?


What does indemnity mean?

A legal obligation to cover a liability, however arising.

What exactly does indemnity mean?

it is legal philosophy upon which the concept of most insurance policies rests. Strictly speaking, indemnity is protection from loss and damage claims filed by another person.

What does indemnity mean in car insurance?

It means the purpose who was not at fault will be compensated for the damage the at-fault party caused.

What is when in Latin?

Ubican mean "when" or "where", and is used in questions/relative clausesCumat the beginning of a clause with an indicative verb means whenCumat the beginning of a clause with a subjunctive verb can mean whenUtat the beginning of a clause with an indicative verb can mean whenQuo Temporemeans "at what time", and can be used in questions.

What does closed without any indemnity mean?

It means you had an insurance claim of some sort for which the insurance company did not pay anything.

Is for a subordinating conjunction?

Yes, "for" can function as a subordinating conjunction to introduce a dependent clause, indicating the reason or cause for the action in the main clause. Ex: "He studied hard, for he wanted to pass the exam."

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An independent clause, also known as a simple sentence, is a clause that can stand alone and express a complete thought.

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A subordinate independent clause is a type of clause that has both dependent and independent qualities. It can function independently as a complete sentence but is usually part of a larger sentence and relies on another clause for context or meaning. This type of clause often begins with a subordinating conjunction.

What Does Fixed Indeminity Mean?

The fixed clause means the indemnity cannot fluctuate based on other considerations. The rate is typically set at the time of the policy creation or is put on a set scale of growth over time that has fixed criteria that are not influenced by any other major changes in medical or life history.A non fixed clause may change over time based on a variety of outside factors or simply on the whim of the policy writer as the company changes coverage rates and payout terms.

What does predicating mean?

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